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 The area that Pymatuning Lake covers, in NW Pennsylvania and NE Ohio, was previously inhabited by the Lenape (Delaware) Indian tribe. Before European settlers began to move into the area, a chief by the name of Pihmtomink was the leader of the Lenape tribe. Pihmtomink was thought to be a very deceitful man, as evidenced by his dealings with other Indians and European settlers. Pihmtomink was then translated as "the crooked mouthed man's dwelling place".

The Lenape were then pushed out of the area by the Seneca tribe, of the larger Iroquois Confederacy. The Seneca were in turn defeated by General Anthony Wayne's advances during the Northwest Indian War in the 1790s. The Seneca then left the area after the signing of the Treaty of Greenville on August 3, 1795.

"High quality baits require high quality attention!"

Since we are a small family owned manufacturer, we take our time to produce high quality baits.  Each bait is touched by human hands through the entire process...not just by machines!  If it doesn't look right, it doesn't get packaged!

Show us your catch!

Send us photo of a fish that was caught using one of our baits!  One lucky person will be chosen on a monthly basis and they will receive a bait that is relative to their photo.  Some limitations apply.


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